Eartha Kitt - Je cherche un homme

Je cherche un homme lyrics english translation

Désolé mon amour, je suis encore coincé au bureau. Sorry honeyI'm still stuck at the office.

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Frederick, mon amour, Moscou enfin. Finally, my loveit's my very first night was unspeakably dreary. Donne-moi le poisson chantant mon amour. Hand me the singing fish, my love.

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Je voudrais partager mon cherche fille liege de Deventer. I would like to share my love of Deventer.

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Alors Oakland a tout mon amour. So, I give all my love to Oakland.

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Vous demeurerez ici, mon amour. Now you, my lovewill remain here. Je vais lui avouer mon amour.

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I think I'm going to confess my love to her today. Tes enfants veulent naître, mon amour. Your children want to be born, my love Désolé, mon amour. I'm sorry, my loveforgive me. Levez-vous et regardez-moi, mon amour.

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Stand up and look at me, my love. Arise and look at me, my love. Maintenant mon amour, allons manger. Now, my lovelet's go nourish ourselves. Je suis de retour, mon amour.

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Sara, mon amour, je travaille à Florence aux archives. Sara, my loveI've worked in a Record Office in Florence for a while now. Je je cherche un homme lyrics english translation veux pas de héros, mon amour.

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I don' t want a hero, my love. Tu vas me manquer, mon amour.

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I' il miss you, my love. Pas si tristement, mon amour.

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But not so gloomily, my love. Comment mieux prouver la profondeur de mon amour.

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  • je cherche un homme lyrics english
  • Contact Us Minä olen nähnyt silmissäsi anteeksiannosta For all these reasons, I love you.

How better to prove the depth of my love for you. Je veux parler de mon amour. I want to speak about my love. Je change mon amour pour le vôtre I exchange my love by yours.

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[Vietsub] Je cherche un homme - Eartha Kitt (1955)

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