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Hey guys- consider either cutting the push notifications wayyyyy down, or letting us have a choice on which we want to receive! All these cheesy notifications are overkill.


When I have a match and 2. When I have a new msg. Eliminate the rest!

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Otherwise fun app Ania. It is well know that guys swipe right on everyone and they only check the girl out when they get a match.

Ajouter à la liste de souhaits Installer Tu veux faire des rencontres intéressantes près de chez toi ou tu veux recevoir plus de chats vidéo marrants? Ici, tu peux discuter avec de nouvelles personnes, rencontrer des célibataires intéressants et te divertir en temps réel avec des vidéos en live. Avec nos questions de profil charmantes, sincères et amusantes, tu pourrons plus facilement décrire ta personnalité et apprendre à te connaître et à connaître les autres.

Not only that, but you have to text them first and in a 24h window. I can imagine that half of the guys that matched me only did because they used the method of swiping right on everyone, and having to text every guy because if not the match will expire is definitely a real waste of time. My other guess is that because a applications de rencontres gratuites has to text first guys suddenly feel too good and think they can do better?

Really don't know.

Tweeter sur twitter Si vous êtes encore célibataire, vous avez certainement déjà songé à vous inscrire sur une application de rencontre. En effet, plus besoin de sortir dans un bar ou faire confiance aux date arrangés de vos amis car les sites de rencontre vous facilitent grandement la tâche. Vous pourrez ainsi consulter en quelques minutes le profil de centaines de célibataires dans votre région, sans quitter le confort de votre canapé. Pour vous aider à y voir plus clair, voici une sélection de LeFrenchGuy sur les meilleures applications de rencontre en

I don't want to sound like I expect everyone to like me, not at all. I am just not sure why guys stop texting you after like 2 days of having a match. I also don't have any problems by texting someone first, but in other apps I give it a couple of days because if we only matched because he swipes right on everyone he would have unmatched me already and then say hi.

I have used other dating apps and have had way better experience than on bumble.


I also applications de rencontres gratuites curious to know if anyone had a similar experience on bumble like me, and found an interesting reddit post in which a lot of people had the exact same issues that Sites de rencontre au gabon did.

I guess the idea of the girl texting first and only having 24h to reply only works if you can make sure that the people who matched you are actually interested in you.

Something that is really difficult to accomplish.

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I rather match people and text them when I am ready, and give time too see if they are going to un match me for any reason. Pros: - you can filter guys who actually want something serious Cons: - guys do not make an effort to keep the conversation -the 24h window to reply to someone is a lot of pressure and a waste of time, keeping in mind guys swipe right on everyone TLDR: I used this app for around 4 months and nothing came out of it.

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I downloaded tinder a month ago and have had way better results. At the end of the day I guess tinder is still the most used dating app and you can definitely find people who are interested in something serious. Réponse du développeurThank you for taking the time to leave such thorough feedback!

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However, we really hate to hear that you didn't have much luck making meaningful connections in the Hive! We know it's frustrating when the conversation doesn't flow.

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Hearing from our users is so helpful in knowing what works and what doesn't. We'd love an opportunity to improve your experience.

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